Full Stack Developer

Job description


We’re Convert.com. As a company, we’re an optimization software market leader. As people, we care about inclusivity, self-determination, flexibility, and photos of each other’s pets.

At Convert we’re always looking for exceptional people with talent who believe that the future lies in Always Learning, Always Doing, Always Communicating


Currently we are seeking a Senior Full Stack Developer with a backend focus. This fully remote role will be responsible for developing new features and improving and fixing bugs inside the Convert App.

Job requirements

To be successful in this role, you must be experienced in the following technologies: 
- Large scale apps design
- Microservices and serverless apps
- Petabyte data handling
- PHP using an Object-Oriented Programming approach 
- Node.js
- Git as a versioning system
- JavaScript concepts and design


As the role will touch all components of the web app, you will need to have the following skills:
- Skilled at designing web apps, and/or functionality inside existing web apps, that easily scale horizontally
- Talent for keeping security and ease of use at the forefront
- Highly experienced with back-end technologies
- Adept at designing and building apps/modules that scale
- Accomplished with modern front-end technologies like Ractive.js
- Solid experience working with both relational and non-relational databases for large-scale apps

- Great communications skills and ability to transparently manage projects, tasks and deadlines. 

- Able to accept feedback and always be looking for improvements. 


Bonus points: 

- Seasoned in designing and building large scale apps based on elastic-search and/or splunk logs/events management engine is a real plus


Salary - up to $30 an hour

Hours - Up to 40 per week

Timezone - Some overlap required with European/US timezones, although you do not need to be located there.