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Even if we don't have any open roles at Convert, you can still make us a proposal! We want to hear from you!


As a company, we’re an optimization software market leader.


We could talk about the fact that we have been in the CRO game for a decade. We could talk about our features and products. But what makes Convert relatable, is our passion for improving outcomes. We make businesses (and websites) better - one test at a time. And with our hiring initiatives - we are also invested in making lives better, one awesome, unique team member at a time.

Who we are

We are a 100% remote team spread across 10+ timezones, powered by holacracy

  • We are detail oriented. And we are visionaries. 

  • We are mega developers and creative marketers. 

  • We are rocks who keep the business ticking and rock stars who dream the dreams of tomorrow. 

  • We feed off each others strengths and build on each other’s ideas.  

  • We live in a world where we don't have to commute to the office.

  • And there is always room for more….. 

what we offer converters

the perks and benefits

  • At Convert, you have the freedom to work from anywhere your life takes you, whether it’s your home office, your favorite coffee shop, or that really comfy beach chair. 
  • We want you to be empowered to make yourself as productive as possible, with perks like; Kindle and Audible credit, subscriptions, coworking budget and home office equipment
  • Manage your own health and wellbeing; you may be eligible for a stipend to spend on health benefits of your choice. 
  • We all need down time! Full-time team members receive 14 days paid leave each year, plus paid national holidays. 
  • Don't let life get in the way, with flexible working, parental, bereavement and wedding leave. 

What we look for

You're a Converter in spirit if...

  • You’re self reliant, but not self centered. You ask questions, seek feedback and take pride in being a team player. 

  • You display initiative, and are totally fine with owning your mistakes. You know you’ll do it better the next time! 

  • You have the entrepreneurial spirit. You are driven, you drive progress but are not a stickler for perfection.   

  • Transparency and commitment are the building blocks of success within Convert. Tell us where you’re at with your projects and we will help you get to where you want to be. 

  • You are articulate. And confident. And don’t worry - we love those lilting accents.

  • You firmly believe that “impossible” says “I’m possible”. You're curious and problem solving isn’t just a requirement at the job - for you, it’s a way of life.